All ID Documents
DocView Studio reads all national and international ID documents which comply to the ICAO 9303 standard. In addition DocView Studio reads near ICAO documents and the Dutch plastic drivers licenses.
Facial Comparrison
The powerful FACE Add-on enables you to compare the pass photo contained in the RFID chip with the image on the document itself. DocView Studiop checks and compares these and takes this to account in the overall result.
Open Architecture
DocView Studio is developed as an ‘Open Architecture Principal’ whereby connections to third party systems can be realized in a quick and easy manner. Including things like export/communication of data to a (web)service or file through XML etc.
Adjustable User Interface
Depending on the desired use, you can adjust DocView Studio through its modes: Age, Document or Service. That way the user interface will display the important checks and data according to the chosen mode.
Age Checking
DocView Studio can be deployed as adequate tool for age checking. In addition to the set age profiles which among other things are used during the sales of alcohol and tobacco, you can design, configure and save your own age profiles.
Powerfull Front-End
Deploy DocView Studio as a powerful Front-End to check and process ID documents for use in your own registration, check-in or access control system through the various Output Plug-ins.
Main Feature

DocView Studio's power is your benefit

Whether you use DocView Studio stand-alone or in a network, you always have a powerful tool to check ID documents and interoperate the data of the MRZ and RFID correctly.

Flexible and Diverse

The different add-ons and output plug ins make it possible to setup DocView Studio according to your wishes.

  • Facial comparrison Add-On: Quickly compare passport photos from the document against the one contained in the RFID chip
  • OCR Add-On: Allows for reading of documents without MRZ (eg. Dutch Drivers License)
  • Portal Add-On: Quick and Easy verification of authenticity features (no schooling required).
  • Output Plugins: Communicate data and results with your own software or online service
Cross Checking
Using DocView Studio you check the optical MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) as well as the digital MRZ and RFID chip. At a glance you will able to confirm whether they are the same, this enables detecting first level forgeries.
Also Drivers Licenses
Through the additional OCR Add-on it becomes possible to read Dutch plastic drivers licenses, model 2006, model 2013 and model 2014.
ID-Readers Compatible
DocView Studio is compatible with several ID-Reader systems, including Full-Page, Half-Page and Swip ID-Readers. Depending on the type of reader, several reading and checking functions are available.
Checking authenticity features
The Portal Add-on for DocView Studio checks the authenticity features of national and international ID documents in the blink of an eye. The portals guide you through the checking of these features in a step by step manner .